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Fees, dates and deadlines

Those wishing to join the CIMA program as new students can do so at any time. To register as a CIMA student you must pay a non-refundable registration fee, plus an annual subscription fee.

Registration fees

If you register on, or after, 1 September, the subscription fee is valid until 31 December the following year.


If you do not pay the annual subscription fee each year, you will no longer be a registered student. You will then have to re-register if you want to continue with your studies. To do this you will have to pay a re-registration, the fee for the current year’s annual subscription and the annual subscription for the year that your registration ended together with any other outstanding fees.

Exemption fees

You do not need to send your exemption fees with your student registration form. If exemptions are confirmed, details of the required payment will be sent to you.

Exam fees

Entering the exams is a separate process. You will be sent an exam entry form shortly after registration.

Check the current charges by viewing the full list of fees below.

Fee list 2009

Registered Students

Registration (1 Jan 09) GBP58
Annual Subscription GBP87 (as from 1 September 2008) 
Re-registration GBP58


Exemption Fees

CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting GBP41
Managerial Level GBP67
Strategic Level GBP72


Exam Fees

CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting GBP41 per subject assessment. Please note that CBA centres may charge administration fees in addition to the standard fee.
Managerial Level GBP67 
Strategic Level GBP72
Additional Late Entry Fee GBP182
Very Late entry fee GBP365
Change of exam paper/centre GBP29
Late change of exam paper/centre GBP58
Exam non payment admin fees GBP58


Passed Finalists

Annual subscription (first three years) GBP188
Annual subscription (after three years) GBP210
Passed Finalist re-registration GBP105
Time-barred returnee additional fees GBP165

Tuition Fees Payable to MCG --Click here--

Dates and deadlines

31st January Registration deadlines for new students for the May exams
14th March Closing date for exam entry form for May exams
18th March

Late entry exam form for May exams (a fee will be charged for late entries)

3rd Week of May May exams
31st July Deadline for receipt of student registration forms and exemption applications if applying for the November exams
3rd Week of July Despatch of exam results for May exams
14th September

Deadline for receipt of exam entry form, and last date for direct debit notification. If registering after this date, the following year's annual subscription is payable. This covers you from the date you register until the end of the following year

18th September Late entry exam form for November exams (a fee will be charged for late entries)
3rd Week of November November exams
3rd Week of January Despatch of exam results for November exams

You can also enter between 15-21 March or 15-21 September, during which period you will automatically be charged a late entry fee of £182. This fee is in addition to the standard exam entry fee.